Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lily Pond Round Ripple Lap Afghan

I first saw the pattern for this gorgeous afghan designed by Monica Kennedy a couple years ago and immediately added it to my must-make list. The free pattern can be found here. Unfortunately I had several projects that had to come first so it stayed on the list for a LONG time.  A few weeks ago I happened to walk down the clearance aisle at Walmart and discovered the variegated yarn in the pattern there.  So I bought several skeins so they didn't run out before I had a chance to make this afghan.  I rarely actually follow the exact colors used by the designers when I find a pattern I really like, but for this one this particular colorway really adds to the watercolor effect.

I made a few modifications but mainly followed the pattern pretty closely.  One of the modifications I made was to add a chain-1 between the corner dc-clusters on round 2 of each granny square so I could join the granny squares as I went along and avoided a lot of sewing.  I also used a size K crochet hook instead of L.

I'll definitely be making this afghan again, possibly in other color combinations.

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