Sunday, December 4, 2011

Larry's Cabled Crewneck Sweater

My brother-in-law Larry wears lots of sweaters so when I saw this pattern on the Vogue Knitting website I knew I had to make it for him for Christmas.

The pattern is pretty well-written and easy to follow.  The only real tricky part is following three cable charts at once.  However, I got used to that pretty quickly.

To speed up the process a little and to make sure the sleeves were the same length I did them both at the same time and worked back and forth on a circular needle.  As I was working on the front I had the thought that it would be much faster to make the body of the sweater in the round on circular needles.  However, as I was attaching the sleeves I realized why the pattern is written with the front and back separate.  It's much easier to set in the sleeves when you can lay the front and back out flat so I'm glad I made it as written.

One note on fitting the sleeves: make sure you measure the shoulder length of the person who will be wearing the sweater before making the sleeves.  Since it's a drop shoulder, the sleeves could end up being a little long if the shoulder length isn't taken into consideration first.  Overall I enjoyed this pattern and will most likely make it again.