Friday, October 12, 2012

I Love Yarn Day

My daughter crocheting

It's I Love Yarn Day!  How are you celebrating?  I gave my 8-year-old her first crochet lesson.  Actually, we started out with a knitting lesson.  She understood what she was supposed to do, but holding the yarn and the needles and not losing her live stitches was causing a little problem.  So we decided to hold the knitting lesson for another day and switch to crochet.  Then she didn't have so many loose stitches to worry about.

Closeup of my daughter crocheting
She did really well and ended up making a scarf for her Barbie dolls with very little help from me.  The first words out of her mouth after "Look Mom!  I'm done with the scarf!" were "That was fun!  Can I make a Barbie blanket now?"  So she's now working on a blanket for Barbie.

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