Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crocheted Women's Mittens

After a particularly cold week I decided my gloves were just not warm enough, so I made these mittens.  Using a variegated yarn creates the striping effect.  These could easily be made in any solid or variegated yarn.
This pattern fits an average-sized woman's hand.  You could easily adjust the size of the mittens by using a larger or smaller crochet hook.  Use size G crochet hook and medium worsted weight yarn (approx. 3-4 oz).  The pattern is worked in continuous rounds - do not join unless specifically stated.  Use a stitch marker or contrasting piece of yarn to mark the beginning of each round.
Starting at the top of the mitten, ch4.  Join with a sl st to form a ring.
Round 1: Work 7 sc in ring
Round 2: 2 sc in each sc (14 stitches)
Round 3: 2 sc in each sc (28 stitches)
Round 4: sc in each sc (28 stitches)
Repeat round 4 until piece measures 5 1/2″ from the beginning.
Thumb opening: ch6, skip next 6 sc, sc in each sc until you reach the chain, sc in each ch.  Continue to work even in sc until piece measures 3″ from chain.  Do not cut yarn.
Cuff:  The cuff is worked at right angles to the rest of the mitten.  Chain 10 stitches starting with the stitch you have left on the hook.
Row 1:  Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch, then sc in each of the next 2 sc st at wrist.  Turn
Row 2: Skip 2sc just worked; working in back loop only (the loop away from you) of each st, sc in each sc of row 1.  Ch1, turn.
Row 3: Working in back loop only, sc in each sc, then sc in each of next 2 sc at wrist.  Turn
Repeat Row 2 and 3 around the entire wrist.  Do not cut yarn.  Turn mitten inside out, loosely join last row of wrist ribbing to first row with sl st.  Fasten off yarn.
Thumb:  Turn mitten right side out, hold piece with cuff at bottom.  Join yarn at right of thumb opening with a sc.  Sc in each st across to the left side of opening; sc in each st to right corner, sc in corner (total of 14 sts).  Work even in sc (do not join rounds - place marker at beginning of each round) for 1″.  On next round, dec 2 sts.  Work even in sc until thumb measures 3″.  Cut yarn leaving a long tail.  Use a yarn needle to weave through each st at the top, pull tightly, fasten off.  Weave in ends.

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