Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hugs And Kisses Quilt

This is the perfect quilt to give as a wedding or anniversary gift since it features “X” and “O” blocks - the hugs and kisses.  I’ve actually made this in two different sizes for two different wedding gifts. 
The first quilt features smaller X and O blocks (and more of them) with green, blue, and a cream and tan background with “Faith, Hope, Love and Trust”.  It was made for my cousin Jordan and his wife Jodi’s wedding - the last of the three that my mom, grandma and sister-in-law helped me create.
After making Jordan and Jodi’s quilt with such small blocks I decided to make the blocks larger in the second one.  This one I made for my friend Leslie and her husband Ron’s wedding ~ they’re shown holding up the quilt in this picture.
I will be posting the patterns for both sizes when I have a chance.

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