Monday, August 10, 2009

Golden Wedding Ring Quilt

This quilt was my first attempt at paper piecing.  My mom, grandma and sister-in-law helped me make it for my cousin Andrea and her husband Al’s wedding.  It was the second of the three quilts we made in 2006. 

We made this with a light blue and green for the focal fabrics, and the background is cream and tan with “Faith, Hope, Love, and Trust” scattered across the fabric ~ appropriate for a wedding gift. :)  It could easily be made with other color combinations to create a kaleidascope look on the quilt. 

The first picture shows the full quilt, held up by my aunt Elaine and my husband Al.  (In case you were paying attention, yes, my cousin and I both married guys named Al.)  The second picture shows one block of the quilt before it was sewn together with the other blocks.

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