Monday, July 20, 2015


I haven't posted here for quite a while. I've posted on my facebook page and Etsy, but I keep forgetting to post here. Oops. Anyway, lately I've been really drawn to graphghans (afghans made with a graph picture), both crocheting and graphing them. There are several of my recent graph patterns listed in my Etsy shop and available now for instant download. I'm working on getting a shopping cart set up here. When I get that done you'll be able to download them directly from my website.

In the meantime, here's a picture of the first graphghan I graphed myself and made for my daughter's friend Maddie. She LOVES it! (Sorry for the dark picture. The lighting wasn't cooperating before we had to wrap the blanket up and give it to Maddie.)
Maddie's Minion Afghan
I've since redone the graph by making it larger and cleaning it up quite a bit. The new & improved pattern is 180x230 stitches. At a gauge of 4 stitches and 4 rows per inch the afghan will measure approximately 45"x58" before any optional border, which would be a nice throw size. At a gauge of 3 stitches and 3 rows per inch the afghan will measure approximately 60"x77" before any optional border, which would fit on a double bed.

The pattern will be available in the shop for $5 graph only or $8 graph+written instructions when I get it set up here. Or you can contact me with your email address for an invoice now if you'd like it sooner. Please reference "Stuart Minion graph" in the email and please specify whether you'd like the graph only or graph + written instructions.
Revised Stuart Minion Graph

If you would like this afghan made for you please contact me with your address (for shipping), email, and preferred background color. For this size graph afghan I charge $200 plus shipping. At this time I am only shipping to the U.S.


  1. Do you do graphs for others from images? If not do you recommend someone that does? Thank you!

    1. Thank you for asking. Yes, I do graphs for several people from images. Do you have a particular image in mind? For non-portrait graphs (anything other than a picture of a person or animal) I charge $5 for graph only or $8 for graph+written pattern for graphs made for single crochet in straight rows. C2C (corner to corner) graphs I charge $4 for graph only or $6 for graph+written. Portrait graphs I charge $15, which includes both the graph and written pattern. Portrait graphs I write for single crochet in straight rows because in order to get enough detail you'd need a graph that would be too large for c2c.
      I'd be happy to do a graph for you if you can email me at with the details. I'd need to know the size you're looking for (baby, throw, full bed size, queen bed size, etc), whether you'd like just the graph or graph+written, and if you could attach the image you'd like that would be helpful. :) Kari