Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Amigurumi Crochet Doll

I've been making quite a few animals and dolls lately.  This is a doll I made recently for my daughter's friend Emily for her birthday.  I thought this doll was so cute with her little ponytail & maryjane shoes.  You can find the pattern for free on the Bernat yarn website here.  Of course now my daughter wants me to make one for her too. :)

The pattern calls for Bernat Handicrafter Cotton.  I used Caron One Pound in Off White and Red Heart Super Saver yarns in Chocolate and Spring Green just because that's what I had here in my stash already.

I pretty much followed the pattern, but for the doll part I skipped the joining step at the end of each round and just crocheted a huge spiral, marking the beginning of each round with a safety pin.  Yes, you can buy those split-ring stitch markers, but a safety pin or a piece of scrap yarn works just as well and costs quite a bit less.  The pattern didn't specify when to put the head on, so I decided to do that last to make it easier to get the dress on the doll's body.  I also made the dress all one color instead of doing the ruffle in a variegated yarn.  I think I may do the ruffle in a coordinating variegated yarn the next time I make this. 


  1. I am making this doll as a gift for our daughter when her lite brother is born, and I thought I was going crazy, as I too could not find anywhere in the instructions when or how to attach the head. Upon Googling for an answer, I came across your blog. Did you use a tapestry needle and yarn, or use your hook? This is my first amigurimi project, so I am learning as I go. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for asking. I used a tapestry needle to sew the head on. Just to make it a little easier I actually put the dress on the doll before attaching the head. Then I didn't have to stretch the dress over the head or worry about whether or not it would fit that way. Hope that helps!