Monday, October 26, 2009

Knit Seed Stitch Stripes Baby Blanket

While going through my stash of yarn I came across a variegated yarn that I absolutely loved with shades of blue, green, pink, and white.  Of course there wasn’t enough of it to make a whole project, but after digging a little further I discovered coordinating yarns and decided to make a baby blanket.  I’ve been doing so much quilting and crocheting lately, so I thought I’d do something different and knit this one.  It’s done in a seed stitch to add a little texture, and I crocheted a row around the edge just to give the blanket a clean finished edge.  The finished blanket is currently for sale in my shop on Etsy.
This blanket would be a great gift for any mother-to-be or any special child in your life.
Love this blanket but prefer different colors?  I welcome custom orders.  Please contact me and I’ll be happy to work with you to create a beautiful item for you.

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